Friday, 11 November 2011

Latest Popular Mehndi Designs For Hands | Latest Party Mehndi Designs

There are a variety of Mehndi Designs for Hand, the first three are Indian, Pakistani designs, African and Arabic Mehndi. All three are very popular and have their own beauty, in this article we will talk more about Pakistan and Arabic mehndi designs.To begin with, the designs of Pakistan as its name suggests, is more common people in Pakistan. But their popularity is worldwide and they are known to be highly regarded Mehndi designs. Although they are quite similar with the Indian Mehndi designs they have their own appeal and meaning.

Most styles of Mehndi Pakistan are known to have very complex designs and models. The designs vary according to the festival, taste and location.Mehndi is crucial in marriage and the bride in Pakistan is considered incomplete without mehndi. Bridal mehndi designs include everything in your legs, feet, hands and arms. Most often decorated with a bride on her wedding mehndi (Manyoon).Mehendi model can even be used in conjunction with the celebration because they provide a very attractive look. Today, there are a wide range of styles to choose Mehndi Mehndi for fans.

The current trend has also brought in the habits Mehndi style. These models are veru popular among fans of Hand Mehndi. Here is a sample Scratch is created by thin lines and the central void is filled with glittering Hand Mehndi dress with mascara.Arriving at the Arabic mehndi, these styles are very popular around the world. Most, if simple floral patterns using their hands and feet of women. Usually reflect the skills of artists and the individuality of design of all traditions around the Arabian Peninsula.This type of mehndi designs temporarily used to paint on the hands or feet of the bride.

The ingredient used to make the henna powder is called Mehndi. Henna is a shrub or small tree of 2-6 meters. This henna powder and then mixed with mustard and tea to create a thick paste. Most of the time the shadow is reddish-brown henna, but may also be mixed with more plants to change their natural color. When the dough is used to create a mehndi design, you have to wait before the Hand mehndi to dry completely.

The dough is actually half of mehndi absorbed through the skin, it stays on the skin for several days as a temporary tattoo. Most often it is dark brown or orange. Among the different types of Hand mehndi designs mehndi is known to be the most popular styles of Mehndi.

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